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Having self prepared steamboat at home. A lot of vegetables, mushroom, some seafoods and Yong Tao Fu.

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Ever wonder what to do with the leftover mandarin oranges from CNY? Last weekend while we’re lazying at home, PP mixed a special salad for us to try with. Its a mixture of ceasar salad vegies with mandarin oranges and grapes. It tastes very nice, there’s sweet and sour taste in it.

salad with mandarin oranges

  • What you need is very simple:
  • a pack of ceasar salad vegies
  • one mandarin orange
  • about 10 – 15 grapes
  • topvalue sesame dressing

With your mandarin orange, you will need to cut them into halves and remove the seeds, if there’s any. Same goes for the grapes too. All you need to do is mix all the vegie, mandarin oranges and grapes with the sesame dressing. There.. enjoy your salad!

salad with mandarin oranges

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Notice that I’ve been posting again? Hehehe.. I feel real bad … PP’s been very hardworking and helping me do post for the past very very busy months. Thanks, gong ! So… I’m still busy, but I will make some time for this blog.

This time round, I’m gonna help PP introduce his braised bittergourd with pork ribs. Here’s the recipe and some simple steps to prepare the dish.

braised bittergourd with pork ribs

Braised Bittergourd with Pork Ribs by philipcs

  • Ingredients :
  • 2 pcs bittergourd (medium size)
  • pork ribs
  • spicy fermented beans (can use the non spicy ones for those who wants it mild)
  • sugar and salt to taste
  • cooking oil

braised bittergourd with pork ribs

Directions :

  1. Heat up the pan with a little bit of cooking oil, then add in the fermented beans to fry.

    braised bittergourd with pork ribs

  2. Next, you will need to add in the pork ribs and some water into the pan with fermented beans. Fry the pork ribs for about half an hour.  Add in more water after that, you will need to braise it with the bittergourd later on.

    braised bittergourd with pork ribs

  3. In another pot, boil water with a dash of oil and salt in it. Add in the bittergourd which is cut into cubes to the boiling water.  Boil for about 15 minutes and let the water rinse away.

    braised bittergourd with pork ribs

  4. Finally, add the bittergourd to the pan of pork ribs and fry until it becomes medium dry. Add more water to braise it for another half an hour and you ready to serve it.

    braised bittergourd with pork ribs

Thanks to PP for this delicious meal. :) This is just nice for our lunch and dinner. You can serve it with rice or even noodles.

braised bittergourd with pork ribs

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