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Shat Kei Ma is a very famous local delicacy from Ipoh. Its actually an egg-flour type of biscuit (very light and crispy), which is layered (as you can see from the picture) and bound together with caramelized sugar (in some cases brown sugar, sometimes molasses) and dotted with sesame seeds – making the entire baked product light, crispy and stickily sweet all at once!

shat kei ma from ipoh

Last weekend, while Lens parents were coming to KL, we asked them to buy 2 packs for us. Coincidentally, PP’s colleague also went back to Ipoh and bought 6 packs, based on our last order with her. Thanks a lot to them. Now, all of us in the house were enjoying it. While you’re enjoying this good stuff, you’ll have to be aware of your calorie intake too. Its stated in a website that a pack of Shat Kei Ma contains about 553 calories. Wow.

Hong Kee Confectionery Trading Company
Factory: 116, Hala Wah Keong, Taman Merindy, 31400 Ipoh
Shop: 14, Jalan Cockman, 30300 Ipoh.
Contact: +6017 592 8303
Food: Shat Kei Ma – RM4.00

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