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This is our favorite wantan noodles of all, that is to say besides those from Muar. Famous Pontian WanTon Noodle’s shop is located at Subang Jaya, SS15 along the same row with Salmon Steak.

This is a franchise from Pontian. Even though we’ve not tried the original shop in Pontian, the franchise’s food quality is good enough. Apart from Subang Jaya, they have other franchises throughout Malaysia and Singapore. The restaurant is almost full during the weekends. Its usually crowded with family and students living around the SS15 area.

PP’s favorite wantan noodle is the one with black sauce and chilli. It brings out the dark soy sauce noodles taste, but accompanied with a special fragrance from the chilli. The bowl of noodles is served with slices of char siew, vegetable and fried wantan. Their wantan tastes different too. Its accompanied with slight fragrance of salted fish.

My favorite wantan noodle is the one with chilli and tomato sauce. Among those living in PJ and KL, there are still a lot of people that cannot accept the tomato taste. In my opinion, the tomato taste however is very refreshing when taken during breakfast.

Apart from the wantan noodles, this restaurant also serve their famous curry laksa. The curry laksa carries the southern curry taste. Soup is not too thick, curry flavor not too strong but just nice to take with. Apart from these main food, the restaurant also serves a variety of desserts. Our favorite from here is their peanut soup, sweet yam paste and red bean soup.

famous pontian wanton noodle @ ss15 subang jaya
location: no45, jalan ss15/4, subang jaya
food: wantan noodle (small) – RM4.00, wantan noodle (medium) – RM5.00, wantan soup (10 pcs) – RM4.00
contact: +603 – 5631 1044

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9 Responses to “famous pontian wanton noodles @ ss15”

  1. pulltea

    same shop opening in SS2.

  2. philipcs

    Yeah… we saw that day also :)

  3. philipcs

    SS2 one is not nice. Still prefer the SS15 one.

  4. Greg

    Yeah..SS15 is definitely least in my books.

  5. Kylie

    I love eating noodles. This is one of my favorite food. I love these photos, they looks delicious.

  6. sabina

    It looks delicious. I really love noodles so therefor i also love this one.

  7. chel

    Whoa, makes me hungry. By the way, what’s the difference between Wanton noodles and Canton noodles?

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