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PP and I saw this new shop at Mid Valley at one fine day. We’re there doing our usual weekend grocery shopping and movie session. Feeling hungry, we’ve decided to give this shop a try.

We’ve ordered a plate of spaghetti bolognese and carbonara. This is the worst spaghetti that we’ve ever had!! Gosh, every plate served was bland and lack of ingredients. Its purely spaghetti noodles and sauce with some ham or minced meat. We even had to top it up with lots of cheese powder and tabasco sauce.

I think this shop is a no no! With that amount of price that you’re paying, you might as well as cook it yourself. You know where’s the best spaghetti that I’ve ever had? Its the one that PP made, and nobody tried that except for me. Yum, thanks gong.

the spaghetti farm @ mid valley
mid valley megamall, kl
food: spaghetti bolognese – RM 8.80, spaghetti carbonara – RM9.80

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4 Responses to “the spaghetti farm @ mid valley”

  1. Elaine

    True i have meatball spaghetti….it was awefull had to add lots of cheese in it….worst ever

  2. David

    is it that awful? So I must be very lucky. I was almost decide to have spaghetti party with my family here, but I read this post before I made the decision. I’ll look for other place, then.

  3. Emil

    Just like David, I ever went to the ‘Spaghetti Farm’ and was about to have dinner in it with my friends. One of them hadn’t ever had spaghetti yet (It was amazing!) that we insisted to invite him on a spaghetti party. Lucky he was! If we had had dinner in ‘spaghetti farm’, he probably would have hated this delicious food and would not try another one. But, we moved on another spaghetti shop which had a nice one.

  4. -Katie Johnson-

    I already visited “Spaghetti Farm at Mid Valley” last year and it became the last time I visited this restaurant. The spaghetti was tasteless like what you said above. It’s so bad and I really want they return my money.

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