If you have read our previous post about PJ New Town Wan Tan Mee, you will know we are craving for those red sauce wan tan mee that usually only available in Johor or Singapore. Thanks to TakWee who recommended us there are 2 shops that selling red sauce wan tan mee in Kota Kemuning and Subang Jaya SS15.

Today, we went to try the Pontian Noodles which located in Kota Kemuning. This is the first branch of Pontian Noodles in Klang Valley. Their original shop in Pontian established since 1948, over 50 years now.

This place only took us 15 mins from Kelana Jaya to Kota Kemuning. Thanks to the new fly over that link Subang Airport road to USJ. Then turn right into Kesas Highway before Submit Shopping mall. Once you exit Kesas and enter to Kota Kemuning, go straight and enter into 3rd turning from the rotary. Turn right at the 1st right junction, then you will see a McDonalds on your right. Turn left at the 1st junction and Pappa Rich is on your right then go straight and Pontian Noodles is just on your left.

We ordered 3 types of wan tan mee, tomato sauce, chilli sauce and chillis + black sauce. Personally, I preferred the tomato sauce pontian noodles because the taste is the closest to the Singapore and Pontian style red sauce wan tan mee.

In term of noodles, it taste quite nice because the noodle is not too soft or too hard, it just nice to us. Then the sauce are rich in favor. The tomato sauce one is a bit sweet and sour which we like the most compare to chilli sauce and black sauce one. On the other hand, the wan tan is not too big, we really don’t like the wan tan with too much of filling and big like ping pong. Their wan tan is just nice in small size with lean pork inside. Yummy!

However, 2 things i think they should improve further:

  1. 1. The BBQ pork is missing and i think this is quite important for wan tan mee.
  2. 2. They can put some vegetables and serve with noodles to make the meal more balance.

Overall, they are serving tasty and yummy red sauce wan tan mee and sure we will go back again.

Update on 31 May 2010:

I went back yesterday and their Wan Tan Mee got Char Siew now. In fact, their Char Siew quality is quite good!

Also they will be serving deep fried wan tan soon.

restoran pontian noodles (since 1948) @ kota kemuning
36, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M 31/M, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor.
+3° 0′ 13.25″, +101° 32′ 21.12″
business hours:
Daily from 9am to 3pm
food: Tomato Sauce – RM5, Chilli Sauce – RM5, Chilli + Black Sauce – RM5

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21 Responses to “restoran pontian noodles (since 1948) @ kota kemuning”

  1. Lennie Liew

    I’ll give 3 out of 10 for this pontian wan tan mee. The wan tan mee is not “special” for us. besides, the price is so expensive cost RM5 per plate ,with just a simple plate with no vege and no meat on it.

    The cleanliness is still fine but the worker speak F language all the time . Btw, My friends & I definitely won’t go there anymore and will not recommend any of our friends to go. If wanna taste the real pontian noddle, perhaps have to go pontian.

  2. Philip Pang

    So far this is the 1st pontian style wan tan mee i have tried. Soon i will try the subang jaya one and post our review here again.

  3. David

    this is the authetic and first branch from the renowed wanton noodles shop from Pontian. I like it, and the restaurant is clean. Weekend is full of people, and I recommend to go on week days. Operation hour now is around 10AM – 4PM.

  4. philip pang

    Some update!

    I went back yesterday and their Wan Tan Mee got Char Siew now. In fact, their char siew quality is quite good!

  5. Robert

    I was there last weekend, OMG!!! It was full house!! Alot of crowds were in front of the pontian noodle house waiting and waiting to taste the noodles. I personally fell in love with the WHITE SAUCE noodle…this was my 3rd times there. I will recommend weekday to try it out. If not, be ready for the long line. I like the char siew, it was just perfect taste to be included into this pontian wanton noodle. Try it out before you start judging the noodle. Also, they have very good take away boxes which hardly found out there. Most of the wanton noodles shop will use plastic bag, but Pontian noodle house use container boxes!!!!

    p/s: Lennie, I am not sure about the F languages, but I knew the bosses and chef were out there to ask the opinion from customers. They also accept the suggestions from customers in a polite way. I think this is a good way for new restaurant owner, the attitude.

  6. Candy

    I personally think that the noodle is just ok only. Perhaps the price really is higher than other wan tan mee. I prefer the wan tan mee nearby the Pontian wan tann mee just cant recalled wat’s the name of the noddle shop. It’s located at the same area too.

  7. Justin

    I was there last week and kinda don’t like the tomato wan tan mee.

  8. Chantelle Siow

    Mmm…will give the noodle 4 out of 10. But is no harm to give it a try if you are wan tan mee fans.

  9. customer

    the pontian wanton noodle is really different from what we have here
    i like the noodles the most, and it’s crunchy…not like those in the food courts…
    8.5/10 for me
    price wise, it’s very reasonable…having an wanton mee in an air-conditioned restaurant for only rm5. in food court also need at least 4.5.

  10. Philip Pang

    I must agree with above, normal food court is already selling rm4.50. Rm5 is fair for proper shop. But not more than rm5 for wan tan mee.

    I think as long as th food is good, customer don’t mind to pay a little more.

  11. Justin

    Philip, normal food court is selling rm4.5 cos of the rental was expensive. If the normal shop gonna pay for RM5 per plate and I’m sorry I have to agree with others that is too pricey!

    Maybe is new for ppl as ” pontian” wan tan mee but for the people here we don’t know that Pontian famous of the noodle.

  12. Benson

    Glad to always see new foods introduced in towns. I went last saturday after reading the newspaper about this wonton mee selling in Pontian since 1948. Here is my 2 cents :D

    Taste: Definitely different. I love the white sauce which is chef recommended, which I never try in KL. I think people will either like it or hate it. Just like anything else, but I like it. Worth for trying if you’ve nvr try.

    General: The restaurant is clean. I think it’s the most important thing for me.

    Price: I see a lot of commenting on the price. I think it’s really depend where you come from and how you evaluate things. For me it’s very reasonable, having a plate of nice wonton noodles in a nice environment. I’ve tried foods nearby, it’s almost the same. It’s quite unfair when the comparison is not apple to apple. Anyway, ppl always have different opinions. Even my mother has different opinion with my dad :D

    I look forward to try the tomato flavor. Worth for trying.

  13. customer

    I will prefer the white rather than the tomato one . The tomato’s noodle taste a bit weird . I’m sorry but have to say that, maybe guys out there can try it thou..Price wise, Rm5 really a bit costly cos others noddle shop all sell it below RM5 . ><

  14. customer

    I don;t like it !

  15. JY

    KL wan tan mee still the best !

  16. philip pang

    No way…. I dont like KL Wan Tan Mee…

    Muar Wan Tan Mee is the best! :)




  18. Jacob

    Went to K.Kemuning Pontian noodles last weekend. Good experience. Ordered few kind of noodles. The best is the white sauce, chilli and tomato are just ok, but depends on the person who taste it. Also their fish cake, tasted so good. A must try…and another side dishes, otak-otak. Tasted not bad….and also, Pontian noodles now serve dessert depends on the daily special
    So far, I tried red bean, ginko barley and green bean. The best is the ginko barley, I personally like it.

  19. Apple

    i love their WanTan Mee

    some of you might dont know this Pontian WanTanMee. My hometown is Pontian, so actually i went there a lot times already. This shop in Pontian opened over 60 years.. Their famous Tomato Wan Tan Mee, i can say that every people living there likes to eat. So do I. x) i am so happy when i heard that there’s a branch in KL. haha.. finally i can eat it!!

  20. Johnny

    New update, went to Pontian Noodle this morning and it was pack. Suprisingly, more choices and foods served in Pontian Noodles. They have different kind of rice dishes serve. I tried Nasi Bojari, and the fried chicken is soooooooo good. You all should try if you happen to see my comment. The noodles were maintain as the real flavor from Pontian. The new menu layout is very attractive. Like it overall…..
    Try it when you guys have time to drop by Kota Kemuning.

  21. Johnny

    Forgot to mention, they open til 9pm starting Jan 1st.

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