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We have settled down!

Since we moved in so long, we have added quite a lot of stuff to our home. Also our pocket already burnt :( Now is the economy crisis, we also didn’t add anymore stuff, need to keep more cash in hand.

Let’s see what we have added:

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7 Responses to “sterling@pj exclusive report #5 : we have settled down”

  1. simon

    Hi Philip. Your home really looks great! Looks like it’s getting better by the day. :) i especially love the picture of the dining table with the plant against the “tree” backdrop. So simply but so picturesque!

    My family and i just moved in last week. The house’s in the mess right now as we’re still waiting for the kitchen and wardrobe to be installed – all delayed because of ONE plug point that was missed out by our electrician hehe. Oh well, we’re still very happy and excited.

    Was hoping to say hi to you guys coz i always see your sandals and slippers out the door, but i was bitten by the shy bug hehe. See you guys soon. :)

  2. Kim Hoong

    Hi Philip,

    I am looking for an unit in Sterling PJ too and I have sent you an email to ask for your opinion. Kindly consider it.

    Your house looks very nice and my gf and I are highly attracted by it.


  3. Philip Pang

    You can add me to google talk, i cant connect to MSN, dont know why.

  4. Christopher

    Hi Philip, your unit is very cool! May I know how much you’ve spent to decorate your home? It just seems to be a dream house! What do you think about the condo?

  5. philipcs

    Hi Chris, we spent close to RM60K for everything. We are very happy with our home sweet home. Of course there are still some management issue but is under control by a group of community.

  6. Sandy

    Looks stunning. You are a person with some great taste.Cheers!!

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