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Ever wonder what to do with the leftover mandarin oranges from CNY? Last weekend while we’re lazying at home, PP mixed a special salad for us to try with. Its a mixture of ceasar salad vegies with mandarin oranges and grapes. It tastes very nice, there’s sweet and sour taste in it.

salad with mandarin oranges

  • What you need is very simple:
  • a pack of ceasar salad vegies
  • one mandarin orange
  • about 10 – 15 grapes
  • topvalue sesame dressing

With your mandarin orange, you will need to cut them into halves and remove the seeds, if there’s any. Same goes for the grapes too. All you need to do is mix all the vegie, mandarin oranges and grapes with the sesame dressing. There.. enjoy your salad!

salad with mandarin oranges

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  1. noreigne

    this is a good post. easy to do and easy to follow. and i can do my salad in a minute and eat more and more! thanks for sharing it.

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