We’ve previously blogged about this place and PP introduced their loh mee. Click here to see the post. Now we’re here to try out their curry noodles. When we’re there, we saw our website being posted on their stall. This kind patron, and kind visitor of our lessthanten blog that printed out the page for the shop owner. Thanks a lot. The shop owner then found out that we’re the bloggers and gave us extra pieces of prawns for the curry noodle. :) So sweet.

This shop’s curry noodle is the authentic penang curry noodle type that we like. The watery gravy is not too thick with santan. The noodle comes with dry bean curd, cuttlefish, prawns, clams, mint leaves and also bean sprouts.  They’ve also prepared a bowl of chilli paste on each of the table. You’ll be free to add in the amount of chilli that you prefer.

penang curry noodle at desa sri hartamas

penang curry noodle at desa sri hartamas

Once again, we would like to introduce what the shop sells everyday. They only serve a type of noodle each day. Please refer to the below table.

Monday Curry Noodle (S) RM4.50 (L) RM5.50
Tuesday Loh Mee (S) RM4.00 (L) RM5.00
Wednesday Loh Mee (S) RM4.00 (L) RM5.00
Thursday Loh Mee (S) RM4.00 (L) RM5.00
Friday Prawn Noodle (S) RM4.50 (L) RM5.50

famous penang curry noodle
location: open air car park next to Desa Sri Hartamas Projet petrol station & opposite True Fitness
business hours: starts 8.30am from Monday to Friday, closed on Saturday and Sunday
specialty: penang style loh mee, curry noodle and prawn noodle

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6 Responses to “penang curry noodle at desa sri hartamas”

  1. Simon Seow

    Hmm… might try it and compare it with Lorong Seratus Tahun. But only on Monday ah, guess have to wait till night shift then.

  2. Josh Lim

    Congratulations :) I can see the Advertlets guy in the printout too, haha. Will check this place out sometime!

  3. luk

    can you tell me where is this place again? been searching but couldn’t find..

  4. philipcs

    hi luk, it just behind the hartamas shell (ex-projet) petrol station, side opposite of true fitness.

  5. Curry Mee, Lam Mee, Loh Mee & Har Mee @ Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur | Fukien

    [...] lessthanten [...]

  6. Jessie

    Hi, the last time i checked this place, it has been torn down by DBKL. Any idea where they shifted to?

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