Lens brought us to this place at Damansara Kim to try out its fish head noodles. We’re very curious because he keep telling us that its very delicious. This stall is actually named as SS20 Fish Head Noodle. This stall is located exactly at the Medan Selera MBPJ, Damansara Kim.

ss20 fish head noodle at damansara kim

To get there, if you find the Damansara Specialist Hospital on your right, just go along the one way street for about 150m till you see a row of shop on your right & the medan on your left. It’s on the inside part of the medan with tables under the trees.

Lens, Eekin and I ordered a bowl of sliced fish meat noodle each. Lens noddle is without milk. PP instead, ordered the usual fish head noodle, with milk. The portion is huge and it comes with a lot of fish slices / fish head. The soup tastes good, more on the salty side. Fish instead, is very fresh and its cooked until just nice.

ss20 fish head noodle at damansara kim

There’s kinds of combination that you can order with you noodle. You can order the soup with milk or no milk, fish meat which is non-fried or fried. We actually prefered the noodle with milk and mix with fried and non-fried meat. There are other ala-carte dishes that you can order from. Take a look at their menu, and you’ll find varieties to choose from.

ss20 fish head noodle at damansara kim

Other than their food, we find that they serve very nice drinks too. The best is still the soya with cincau. It was too good until we ordered extra 3 glasses. What makes it so nice, hehe its the gula melaka they put in the drink. Wow, the coconut fragrance just makes the drink better!

SS20 Fish Head Noodle @ Medan Selera MBPJ Damansara Kim
Location: Gerai 20, SS20/10 Petaling Jaya.
Map: Location Map1 / Location Map2
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm / PH and Sunday 10am to 3pm
Food Price:

  1. Soong Fish Head Mee Hoon – RM6
  2. Haruan Slice Mear Mee Hoon – RM8
  3. Fish Paste Mee Hoon – RM6
  4. Mamak Cendol – RM1.80
  5. Soya Bean Milk with Cincau – RM1.80
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4 Responses to “ss20 fish head noodle at damansara kim”

  1. keeyit

    You may know this… I guess..
    Paramount O&S infront of Caltex petrol station, there is a stall which selling fish head noodles that very nice ! Alot of fish meats mixed with milk fish soup really yummy~. It is just RM3.50.

  2. philipcs

    Oh wow… We didn’t know about it. Thanks for the info. Will go there to try it out.

  3. lessthanten » Blog Archive » fish head noodle house at damansara kim

    [...] The restaurant is already crowded during lunch time. We’re lucky enough to get ourselves a table. Based on the crowd, we’re already expecting some food quality from this new shop. Their food prices doesn’t come cheap too. Our benchmark is already set, they will need to be better than the nearby SS20 Fish Head Noodles. [...]

  4. Mahalia Selleck

    Howdy! I love your blog but I’m having issues getting it to display right in the Konqueror browser. You might want to recheck your css stylesheet. Rock on! :)

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